10 Customer Service Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn

Customer service is a crucial element in the success of a business. The impact of customer experience may define the longevity of a product or the organization as a whole. While there are many mediums on how to learn customer care – from books, articles, television and radio shows – gaining wisdom from experts may be one of the best ways to understand the customer experience journey. Following is the list of our ten recommended customer service influencers to follow on LinkedIn.

Annette Franz

1. Annette Franz

“If employees ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Annette Franz is the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., a consulting firm helping companies understand the importance of employee experience in delivering exceptional customer service. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), a mentor, a speaker and a blogger about all things customer experience and employee experience.

Bill Quiseng2. Bill Quiseng

“Nobody raves about average.”

Bill Quiseng is a speaker, blogger, and award-winning writer in the areas of customer service, associate engagement and leadership. He has over 30 years of luxury resort/club management experience and is presently the resort manager at Marriot’s KoOlina Beach Club on Oahu, Hawaii. His business mantra is “Think RELATIONSHIPS or go broke.” He has been recognized for his customer service and customer experience insight on social media.

Bob Thompson3. Bob Thompson

“What gets measured is what gets done.”

Bob Thompson is the CEO of CustomerThink Corp., an independent research and publishing firm focused on customer-centric business management. He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of CustomerThink.com, the world’s largest community dedicated to customer-centric business. He is a well-known international keynote speaker, a blogger and author of several books.

Bruce Temkin4. Bruce Temkin

“Don’t waste customer’s time asking them questions unless you are prepared to act on what they say.”

Bruce Temkin is the Co-founder, Architect and Chairman Emeritus of Customer Experience and Professionals Association (CXPA), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping customer experience professionals learn, grow and succeed. He is also a Customer Experience Transformist and Managing Partner at Temkin Group, a leading customer experience research, consulting and training firm.

Colin Shaw5. Colin Shaw

“I made the observation that technology is not driving social media – it is the fact that people are social; the technology is just enabling the natural human behaviour.”

Colin Shaw is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy, a global customer experience consultancy, training and research company. He has authored successful and influential books including Building Great Customer Experiences, Revolutionize Your Customer Experience and Customer Experience: Future Trends and Insights.

Flavio Martins6. Flavio Martins

“Customers don’t care about your policy. They care about action.”

Flavio Martins is the Chief Operating Officer at DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise authentication services and high-assurance SSL certificates. He describes himself as a customer service fanatic at heart. He has written the book “Win the Customer” which provides practical and powerful technique in transforming ordinary customers into lifelong fans.

Kate Nasser7. Kate Nasser

“Customer service represents the heart of a brand in the hearts of its customers.”

Kate Nasser through her trademark “The People Skills Coach” delivers workshops, keynotes, coaching, and consulting on customer service excellence, global teamwork, employee engagement and leading morale.

Marsha Collier8. Marsha Collier

“The most successful marketer becomes part of the lives of their followers.”

Marsha Collier is an author, radio personality and educator specializing in technology and inspiring business on how to use the internet for marketing and ecommerce. She blogs about social commerce, ecommerce, customer service, social media and technology. She is the author of the “For Dummies” series about EBay. She also hosts a computer and technology radio show.

Micah Solomon9. Micah Solomon

“When you engage your customers, you draw them closer to your brand, your business, your organization. And that’s when the magic starts to happen.”

Micah Solomon is a consultant, a keynote speaker and a bestselling author. He is a leader and an expert on customer service, customer experience, company culture, innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Some of his bestsellers are “The Heart of Hospitality” and “Your Customer Is The Star”. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes.com and Inc.com.

Shep Hyken10. Shep Hyken

“To the customer, YOU are the company.”

Shep Hyken is an expert in customer service and experience. He is a New York Times and Wallstreet Journal bestselling author. Most of his books offer advice about retaining customers. His bestsellers are “Moments of Magic”, “The Loyal Customer”, “The Cult of the Customer”, “The Amazement Revolution”, and “Amaze Every Customer Every Time”. He is also a keynote speaker and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession.

You can take advantage of furthering your knowledge by simply following these top customer service influencers on social media. There is a lot to learn from their blog posts, articles and even from as simple as their quotable quotes.

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