Home Office Essentials – How to Make Your Office Look Good!

Home Office Essentials For The Perfect Setup

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    If recent times have shown us anything, it’s that comfort in your home office setup is an absolute must. 

    Whether you are new to the working from home game or you want to move off the kitchen table, we guide you through our carefully selected home office essentials that you can easily implement to create the perfect setup.

    Before we dive in, there are a few things to think about when creating your home office

    • Space – how much do you have to create an office area?
    • What budget are you working with?
    • Are there distractions in your selected area?

    Creating the right environment for your office area will not only make you feel good, but it will increase your productivity and wellbeing. You want to feel as comfortable and focused as possible. 

    Let’s get stuck in and go through what we deem as the important steps to making the perfect workspace within your home.


    Retro style home office with small wooden desk

    Selecting The Perfect Office Desk

    Now, I never thought I would get to a point in my life where I was saying things like… I love that desk, that’s a nice desk! But, here I am ready to share with you a collection of desks I have found, my reviews with pros and cons, pricing, the best deals and where to get your hands on them.

    Double Pedestal Shaped Office Desk

    A Double Pedestal Shaped Desk is perfect for those looking to increase their space and get a desk with character. Forget the same old cubical design of desks; create your own home office area that is welcoming, warm and designed to suit you from head-to-toe! This desk has all the bells and whistles with room for file storage, cupboards (for a printer?) and even space in which to put your keyboard when not in use if you want it out of sight but close enough by. You can also enjoy features such as cable management channels so you can keep work organised without anything being undone or left unorganised – which means everything will be kept safe while at the same time looking classy on this stunning piece.

    We have carefully chosen a selection of beautiful, uniquely crafted double pedestal desks that can transform your home office into a stylish but functional space. They also feature all the things an efficient workspace needs to stay organized, such as drawers that glide effortlessly on new ball bearing side mount drawer glides. If you’re looking for something more unique than a basic box, one of these will be perfect. Plus there are a number of desks below that are just the right size to fit in smaller office spaces.

    Martin Furniture Hartford Double Pedestal Shaped Desk (Image credit: Martin Furniture / Amazon)

    From the manufacturer: The Hartford collection combines bold lines with a weathered, vintage finish and classic style elements. The warm, two tone rubbed finish gives Hartford the relaxed feel of old world wood and the sophisticated turnbuckle and wire mesh details add a formal element. The Hartford collection will be right at home in either a classic formal setting or a more relaxed, eclectic home.

    Martin Furniture Hartford Double Pedestal Shaped Desk

    Brown Office Desk - Fully Assembled

    Desk Features

    Desk Dimensions - Always Measure Your Space!

    Desks with Shelves & Storage


    blankPut a little creativity into your work day with an eye-catching home office desk with shelves. They have ample storage and desk space that has more ways to stay organized in one place.

    The generous desktop space has plenty of room for whatever you need and there is even an open bottom shelf so that you can also display some plants or photos on its surface.

    This style is a spacious workstation with metal frame and high-density wooden board, which besides giving you more working space, making it feel as if you are surrounded by a natural green forest when you add your desk plants on the shelves. The large tabletop is absolutely generous for many things.

    A sleek desk with shelves that has true style but would still look right at home in a more traditional office setting.

    Perfect if you want to five your work from home station some added pizzazz today!

    Zzmop Computer Desk with 3-Layer Storage (Image credit: Zzmop / Amazon)

    Modern Desks


    Modern Home Office DeskThe sleek design of a modern desk is perfect if you’re looking for something versatile and minimilistic. This desk can go from home to office without missing a beat, and the wide work area lets you display your favorite photos or plants without being cluttered. 

    These types of desks are always popular because they give you maximum workspace while still giving off plenty of that “professional” vibe. 


    Zzmop Computer Desk with 3-Layer Storage (Image credit: Zzmop / Amazon)


    Check out our good friends at Pure House for all the best home design and inspiration ideas

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